Curriculum Vitae

Sarah Cash
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Curriculum Vita
Phone: 561-313-3363

University of Miami
Department of English
1252 Memorial Drive #351
Coral Gables, FL 33146


Ph.D. University of Miami, Literature, expected May 2018

M.A.  Florida International University, English, 2013

B.M.  Palm Beach Atlantic University, Music, magna cum laude, 1999


“Inharmonic Resonance: Music and Temporality in Literature of the Long Nineteenth Century.”

Katheryn Freeman, University of Miami, Director

Brenna Munroe, University of Miami, Committee Member

Renee Fox, UC Santa Cruz, Committee Member

Stephen Behrendt, University of Nebraska, Committee Member


“’Fled is that music,’: Feminized Musical Sound Spaces in the Poetry of John Keats.” Under review. 7491 words


University of Miami


  • ENG 106: Composition II, Vampires and rewriting difference (Spring 2017). This writing course encourages students to rethink difference and monstrosity through vampire fiction, film, and art.  The class uses close analysis and inquiry-based research to formulate arguments through discussion, writing, and presentations.  Authors, directors, artists, and critics include: Le Fanu, Stohr, Munch, Preston, Wheaton, and Alfredson.
  • ENG 206: English and American Literature by Women (Spring 2016). A survey of women writers from the twelfth century to the present. Challenging traditional conceptions of femininity in public and private spheres, students read women writers with close attention to the intersections of race, class and gender.  Connecting women’s histories with current cultural and societal challenges, the students engage in individual and group research projects, producing academic papers and multimodal presentations that reflect their own arguments and place course texts in a broader social context.  Authors and critics include: Kemp, Cavendish, Behn, Wollstonecraft, Browning, Wheatley, Bronte, Davis, Woolf, Hurston, Walker, Morrison, and Menendez. 
  • ENG 106: Composition II, From Conan Doyle to CSI: the Evolution of detection and society (Spring 2015, Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016). Through analytic readings, discussion, field research, secondary research, and writing, the students explore detective and crime fiction in relation to social issues, including freedom, privacy, surveillance, and gender roles.  Authors, critics, and directors included: Said, Foucault, De Fino, Palmer, Conan Doyle, Poe, Hammett, and Huston.
  • ENG 105: Composition I (Fall 2014) This introductory composition course is designed to improve academic writing across disciplines.  Students discuss and workshop academic essays about writing and effective writing practices, and master logical and rhetorical concepts and conventions in diverse genres.  To produce successive drafts of their own academic essays in various genres, students engage in interactive workshops and peer groups both in-class and online, and meet with me for individual conferences.

Teaching Assistant

Duties included: commenting on and grading papers for undergraduate and graduate seminars, grading and proctoring essay exams, and meeting with students to discuss strengthening their writing and arguments.

  • CLA/REL 505: Alexander the Great in History and Myth (Spring 2017)
  • REL 307: Pre-Islamic Arabia (Spring 2017)
  • CLA 202: Hellenistic World (Fall 2016)
  • CLA/REL: 301: Ancient Greece (Fall 2015)

Guest Lecturer

  • ENG 372: Women Writing: Theory and Practice (Fall 2016) Designed and taught class session on Keats’s Eve of St. Agnes and its connection to feminine writing.


Florida International University


  • Composition and Rhetoric, I and II (Summer 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013). Designed and taught classes for first and second level composition.  The students perform rhetorical analysis on magazine and newspaper articles, write personal essays including literacy narratives and other creative writing projects, and learn to research and write scholarly proposals and research papers.  The class includes in-class and online workshops and peer reviews, and individual conferences to help students work through several drafts of each paper. 

Teaching Assistant

Assisted in hybrid (online-blended) composition classes.  Duties included: teaching solo classes, grading and commenting on essays, commenting on online posts and blogs, and conferencing with students to discuss ways to improve their arguments and writing techniques.

  • ENG 1102 Composition and Rhetoric, II (Spring 2012)
  • ENG 1101 Composition and Rhetoric, I (Fall 2011)


Teaching Circles, University of Miami (Fall 2016, Spring 2017) Participated in two semester-long teaching groups for writing and writing-intensive classes.  Read and discussed articles and book chapters on working with L2 learners and civil discourse in the classroom.  Discussed and analyzed classroom experience.

Interdisciplinary Teaching Group, University of Miami (2014-1015) Met bi-monthly with instructors from different disciplines to discuss strategies of teaching.

Pedagogical Seminar, UC Santa Cruz (2014) Week-long seminar workshopping assignments and syllabi for different types of classes; discussed teaching techniques and practices for literature and writing courses.

Seminar in Pedagogy and Composition, University of Miami (2013) Discussed practical approaches to teaching writing in the classroom as well as different pedagogical and rhetorical theories; read articles and books on pedagogical writing strategies, philosophies, and classroom management; listened to guest lecturers in different disciplines; developed syllabi and assignments; and observed and analyzed different writing instructors in the classroom. 

Seminar in Pedagogy and Literature, University of Miami (2013) Discussed practical approaches to teaching literature, read books and articles on strategies and theory, held mock classes to practice teaching techniques, developed syllabi and assignments for in-class analysis, and observed different classes and discussed teaching techniques.

Practicum in Pedagogy and Composition, Florida International University (2011) Observed and analyzed multiple writing classes, and met weekly to discuss class strategies and techniques.

Seminar in Pedagogy and Composition, Florida International University (2011) Read, reviewed, and discussed practical and theoretical approaches to teaching writing.  Designed and presented a mock composition class including syllabus, schedule, assignments, in-class activities, class objectives, and philosophies of teaching.  Designed and presented on-line teaching portfolio.


Writing Center, University of Miami (Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Summer 2017) Duties included: working with students and faculty on a one-on-one basis on different projects including, essays, dissertations, conference papers, articles, books chapters, and application and grant proposals.


  1. “’You have set yourself to music’: Musical Counterpoint in The Picture of Dorian Gray.” NAVSA/AVSA, Florence, Italy.
  2. “’Come up and be dead!’ Music and the re-Imagination of Urban Space in Blake and Dickens.” NEMLA, Hartford, Connecticut.
  3. “Living Bones: Harmonic Resonance and Disruption in Toni Morrison’s Beloved.” MELUS, Athens, Georgia.

2014 and 2015. Seminar Leader and Pedagogical Seminar Participant, Dickens Universe, Santa Cruz, California. 


  1. Dissertation fellow at the Center for the Humanities, University of Miami.
  2. Dissertation Fellow at the English Department, University of Miami.
  3. Mary K. Parker Prize for best essay by a graduate student in English: “’You Have Set Yourself to Music’: Musical Counterpoint in The Picture of Dorian Gray.”
  4. Second Place in Literature and Cultural Studies at the 2012 FIU Scholarly Forum.
  5. Outstanding Graduate, School of Music, Palm Beach Atlantic University.
  6. Grant. Supper Honors Scholarship, Palm Beach Atlantic University.


2014 – 2018. Writing contest judge, Audley Webster Contest for best undergraduate essay, first year writing, University of Miami.

  1. Panelist, Florida International University Graduate Practicum


2016-2018Broward Children’s Center, Davie, Florida, working with special needs children.

2007-2018.  Youth Director, Church of the Resurrection, Miramar, Florida.


Experience using Moodle, Blackboard, and Turnitin to create digital assignments, peer reviews, and forums in online-blended classes, as well as grading, record keeping, and student commenting.

Proficient in WordPress, Wix, PowerPoint, and Prezi to create multi-modal assignments and presentations that enhance the classroom experience through digital pedagogy.


French: Basic reading knowledge

Spanish: Basic reading, writing, and speaking knowledge

Italian: Basic reading, writing, and speaking knowledge

Instruments: Piano, Organ, and Cello

Music Theory


National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)

Modern Language Association

National Association of Victorian Scholars of America


Kathryn Freeman, University of Miami,

Brenna Munro, University of Miami,

Renee Fox, UC Santa Cruz,

Joanna Johnson, University of Miami,



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