Composition Class Units


BASIC COMPOSITION CLASS (taught at Florida International University)

Composition 1 Syllabus (ENC 1101)

The above syllabus is designed for a first year/first semester composition course with three essays (Literacy, Informative, and Argument).  However, each unit can be used separately as well.  

Literacy Narrative Unit

Literacy Narrative Goals and Homework Summer

Literacy Narrative Assignment Sheet


Informative Essay Unit

Informative Essay Assignment Sheet Text Analyses

ENC 1101 Informative Essay Homework Schedule Summer Text Analyses

Informative Essay Rubric Text Analyses

Classical Argument Unit

Classical Argument Assignment Sheet

1101 Classical Argument Homework Schedule Summer

Classical Argument Rubric

Supplementary Readings

Lost in Translation by Lera Boroditsky

Living in Tongues by Luc Sante

The First Day by Edward P. Jones


COMPOSITION I CLASS (taught at University of Miami) 

Prezi Teaching Links Available 

Syllabus, Schedule, and Scaffolding Composition 1

Assignment Sheet Narrative

Narrative Rubric

Education Perspectives Assignment Sheet

Educational Perspectives Rubric

Educational Essay Sample

Observation Essay Assignment Sheet

Analyses Questions


COMPOSITION II CLASSES (taught at University of Miami)

Prezi Teaching Links Available 

From Conan Doyle to CSI: Writing Crime, Detection, and Society 

This is a themed composition class for the second half of a first year writing course.  

Syllabus, Schedule, and Scaffolding Composition II Detective Theme

Assignment Sheet Close Analysis Detective Theme

Assignment Sheet Lensing Detective Theme

Lensing Peer Review Detective Theme

Assingment Sheet Annotated Bibliography

Assignment Sheet Research Essay Detective ThemeComposition

Assignment Sheet Multimodal Essay


Vampires: Re-writing Difference

This is a themed composition class for the second half of a first year writing course.

In this course we engage in analytic textual analysis using Vampire fiction, film, and art.  Through both print and non-print sources, this class encourages students to rethink and write about difference and “monstrosity” in society by considering  multiple perspectives.  Students engage with primary texts and secondary research, formulate ideas and arguments, and communicate those ideas effectively to a given audience within a specific rhetorical situation.  This course promotes a cooperative learning environment to help refine writing strategies through in-class writing and drafting, discussion, workshops, and peer and instructor feedback.

Syllabus, Schedule, and Scaffolding Composition II Vampires: Rewriting Difference

Assignment Sheet Close Analysis Vampire Theme

Peer Review Close Analysis

Assignment Sheet Close Analysis 2 Vampire

Assignment Sheet Lensing Vampire Theme

Assignment Sheet Research Portfolio


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