Excerpt from Lad Tobin, Reading Student Writing: Confessions, Meditations, Rants

Clemson video on rhetoric

“Making a Case for Rhetorical Grammar,” Laura Micciche, College Composition and Communication


Umphrey, Michael. “A Hunger for Reality: Writing an Essay of Place.” The Association of the Study of Literature and Environment. 05 September 2008. Web. 12 November 2011.

Research Question

“The Relationship Between the Research Question, Hypotheses, Specific Aims, and Long-Term Goals of the Project.” The Research Assistant. 12 August 2003. Web. 12 November 2011.

“Developing Research Questions.” University of Texas, Medical Branch. Web. 12 November 2011.

Secondary Sources and Avoiding Plagiarism

“Plagiarism Lines Blur for Students in Digital Age”
Trip Gabriel, New York Times

“Plagiarism and Anti-Plagiarism” Heyward Ehrlich, Rutgers

Citation Project

Council of Writing Program Administrators

“A Plagiarism Pentimento,” by Rebecca Moore Howard

Observation Journal

“Teaching Inquiry with Primary Sources”
Barbara Stripling, Library of Congress

Project Purdue Online Writing Lab: Conducting Primary research: Observation

Rhetorical Appeals and Style

Purdue Online Writing Lab Using Rhetorical Strategies

“What Do Students Need to Know About Rhetoric?” Hepzibah Roskelly University of North Carolina

Thesis and Surprising Reversal

“Thesis Statements” Colorado State University

“How to Write a Thesis Statement” Indiana University

Additional Supplementary Resources

Successes, Victims, and Prodigies: “Master” and “Little” Cultural Narratives in the Literacy Narrative Genre

Double Entry Research Log

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