In-Class Writing

In-Class Writing
1. Short essays
2. Journal Writing
-Journals should reflect instead of recording information.
-Journals can be used both in class and as a take home assignment.
-Journals are especially good for teaching invention (figuring out what to say).
-Journals can be used as a free-writing diary (Elbow, Writing without Teachers 9).
3 Brainstorming
4. Clustering
5. Freewriting
6. Combination of Techniques for generating topic ideas in class: (quoted from The St. Martins Guide to Teaching Writing).
a. Brainstorm for ten minutes
b. Choose one item from your brainstorming list.
c. Cluster that word or idea for five minutes.
d. Freewrite for twenty minutes using only the ideas generated from the cluster and brainstorm list.
(note: do not attempt in the classroom until students are familiar and comfortable with each part separately.)

Works Cited

Glenn, Cheryl, and Melissa A. Goldthwaite. The St. Martin’s Guide to Teaching Writing. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008.

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