Encouraging Revision:

1.  Pose question problems and explore them.

2.  Give students problem-focused writing assignments.

3.  Create active learning tasks.

4.  Incorporate exploratory writing in class  (non-graded)

5.  Build time into the class for students to talk and bounce ideas off each other.

6.  Have students submit something to you.

7.  Build drafts into the assignment.

8.  Use peer review for drafts.

9.  Have conferences about drafts.

10.  Allow re-writes.

11.  Bring examples of your work.

12.  Advise on the mechanics of revising: printing your draft (double spaced) for revision,  reading your draft aloud, and leaving enough room on the page for comments and ideas.

Works Cited

Bean, John C. Engaging Ideas. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2001.

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